Fearless But Few: Fermanagh and the Easter Rising

Fearless But Few: Fermanagh and the Easter Rising

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Fearless But Few: Fermanagh and the Easter Rising - The book is here!

Fearless But Few: Fermanagh and the Easter Rising

Fearless But Few: Fermanagh and the Easter Rising
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Extraordinary People
'The momentous events of Easter brought together an extraordinary group of people whose individual stories have remained largely untold. For a week in Dublin they acted with common purpose in pursuit of an ideal, of freedom and independence for Ireland. 

An Opportunity to Learn From Our Past
The centenary commemoration of the Easter Rising provides us with an opportunity to examine how our country has been shaped and influenced by and subsequent events. To do that properly we need to know who these people were, what formed their opinions and motivated their actions. We need to know why they took up arms and we need to see the consequences of their actions. 

Untold Stories
This book traces the stories of the Fermanagh men who played an active role in the events of Easter Week. Their actions changed the course of Irish history. Their own lives too would never be the same again. In telling their stories this took tells the story of Ireland in the decades since 1916, the successes and failures, the triumphs and disappointments. These men who fought together in Dublin soon found themselves scattered and divided and they slipped into obscurity, their stories forgotten, their deeds unknown. 

Unfulfilled Dreams
The greatest disappointment for the Fermanagh men of 1916 must have been that their own county was not to become part of the independent republic for which they had fought. Partition meant that none of them returned to live in Fermanagh.

A Century On
In remembering the Fermanagh men of 1916 let us remember their ideals, their vision of better Ireland and let us consider whether we have been true or unfaithful to those ideals in the century since they made their stand. 

Mar chuimhneachán orthu siúd a chuir cor i gcinniúint na tíre is cuí go n-insítear a scéalta arís. 

In commemoration of those who changed the fate of the country it is appropriate that their stories be told again.'

Seamas Mac Annaidh

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